Flat Louie
Little Illustration project for my Alma Mater - Mercyhurst University
On July 9th, A good friend contacted and asked me if I was interested in working on this little illustration project for my Alma Mater (Mercyhurst University). The Alumni Office had the idea of  having our school mascot "travel" the U.S. and the world like the cartoon character "Flat Stanley".
Below you'll see the inital sketch, how it came together after a few tweaks and modifications requested by the client, and finally you'll see him standing next to one of the most beautiful works of art in history. Enjoy!
*This is just a simple mockup I made in Photoshop - the background image is part of a series of photographs that document La Tigra national park in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.
Flat Louie #2 - Designed specifically for the Mercyhurst University Homecoming Weekend.
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