La Capital Triste - The Joyless City
Logo proposal for a capaign called "La Capital Triste" (The Joyless City)
Earlier this month I was contacted by one of my closest friends. He wanted to know if I could find the time to work on a logo proposal for a campagin that was starting to form in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.
The campaign "La Capital Triste" (The Joyless City) would serve as an organization agaisnt a certain reform that the mayoralty is planning to instill in the upcoming months.
This reform would demand a 15% tax fee on concerts, performances, exhibitions, bingo nights, and any other artistic/cultural events that happened within the capital. This tax would even apply to any event sponsored by NGOs.
The campaign is still in the works but it is being supported by larger organizations which are also against the aforementioned tax.
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